Carver Project Update by Carl Stafford, Senior Extension Agent, Vice Chairman and Co-Founder GWCARC

  By:  Carl C. Stafford Senior Extension Agent                                                                                     8/19/16   The Carver school has been busy in August with many activities which showcase progress on the overall project.  The alumni association reunion hosted more than 500 attendees August 6th  and land behind the school was cleared by Culpeper County (thank you Joe Koontz).  Following clearing, lime was...

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Thank you Battle Park Farms of Rapidan for Breaking and Conditioning Grounds at GWCARC in Preparation for Greenhouse and Test Plot Installation!

Efforts are well under way to break ground at the George Washington Carver Agriculture Research Center (GWCARC) in preparing for the installation of greenhouses and test plots.  GWCARC thanks Battle Park Farms of Rapidan, Virginia for providing the labor and equipment to prepare this future research area at the center.   This effort commenced during the week of August 8, 2016, was made possible through the generous donation of Byrd Inskeep,...

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Hop to It: Local Agriculture Takes a Leap to Supply the Beer Industry by Allison Brophy Champion, Culpeper Star Exponent, August 6, 2016

MADISON — Innovative agriculture in support of the emerging Virginia craft beer industry is taking root in the rolling countryside of the Northern Piedmont.

A hop yard went in the ground on Mother’s Day at the historic circa 1810 Woodbourne estate just off Main Street in the town of Madison as part of an official trial being supported by the George Washington Carver Agricultural Institute in Culpeper and Virginia State University in Petersburg.

Hops are a primary ingredient in beer, along with water, malt and yeast. Woodbourne owners Dave Fulton and his wife, Julie Haines, allowed the project to grow on the grounds of their scenic property because of their commitment to agricultural-based economic development.

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County Approves Space at Carver for Museum by Donnie Johnston, May 3, 2016, Culpeper Star Exponent

The George Washington Carver Regional High School Alumni Association came before the Culpeper County Board of Supervisors Tuesday looking for artifacts and a place to display them.
The group got its display area when the supervisors voted unanimously to allow the alumni association to use part of the Carver High School library as a museum.

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Things are Hopping at the Carver Center by Carl Stafford, April 30, 2016, Senior Extension Agent, Virginia Cooperative Extension and GWCARC Vice Chair

Development of new knowledge serving agriculture in the Northern Piedmont is the main purpose for the George Washington Carver Agriculture Research Center: Centrally located south of Culpeper at the Carver Piedmont School on Route 15, this old regional high school is accessible to the surrounding counties and will house the Carver Center and its partners.

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