4H Embryology Program Conclusion

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Iris Cummings 2nd Grade classroom, Sycamore Park Elementary School
(left to Right) Max Rechkemmer, Douglas Ponce, Brycen Butler, Olivia Pagani, Carli Scott and Silian Sanchez

The Culpeper 4H embryology program set 300 chicken eggs on April 10, across 14 classrooms in five Culpeper County Elementary schools.  Candling took place on April 24 to find out if the eggs were producing a chick, many were.  Incubation progressed over 21 days and hatch took place on May 1.  Children welcomed the newly hatched chicks which go to local poultry farms to be reared.   Experiencing the magic of life through embryology is one way children can learn to appreciate nature and science.

JoAnna Kilby, 4H program assistant can be reached at the Culpeper Extension office, located at 101 S. West St., 540-727-3435, ext. 354, or by email at jlclark@vt.edu .

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